WinDbg Cheat Sheet for .NET Developers

This post gives you a simple summary of the most needed WinDbg commands for .NET. The most of the examples are heavily inspired by Konrad Kokosa’s excellent book Pro .NET Memory Management.

OpenShift #1 - Running .Net Core Apps on OpenShift

OpenShift is Red Hat’s application hosting platform that makes it easy for developers to quickly build, launch, and scale container-based apps. Since this year, Red Hat also supports .NET Core 2.1, which brings us all the cool features of NET Core 2.1 and ASP.NET Core 2.1 to OpenShift.

Using async main in .NET Core

Recently, I’ve tried to run a .NET Core console app with an async main method. The main method simply calls an async method using async and await. The program was quite simple and looked like the following sample: